Our in-house
R&D Team

Innovation at the core
of our business

We are not afraid to challenge the market to find better solutions to making your business grow.

At Belmoca, we keep innovating to make your business better. We always strive for more flexible solutions, a higher level of efficiency and new opportunities – and of course, to create  more delicious, speciality coffees.

Next to turning existing recipes into new and outstanding ones, we focus on developing innovative coffees, as we make it a point to follow emerging  trends in the global market. We are dedicated to efficiency, in order to provide you with the best and most cost-effective solutions.

Passion for coffee

Our R&D team is a centre of excellence that brings together everything we know. 

With a collective experience spanning over coffee, chocolate, dairy and beer brewery, we at Belmoca are always looking for new insights to explore while we develop our coffees. With this level of insight in the coffee trade, and the understanding we gain from our extensive market data, we  are best placed to find the perfect equilibrium between optimised production and our love for the best coffee.

We even go further, because both our coffee experts are certified Q graders. Certified Q Graders share a common language of quality used by producers and buyers alike, facilitating communication and access to markets. 

Our Q graders are coffee professionals with highly trained sensory skills, including the evaluation of green coffee. After one is certified as a Q Grader, opportunities in the coffee industry expand because the Q Programme is globally recognised by coffee professionals.

Meet our R&D Team

We focus on quality, taste & innovation


Quality Control

We make no compromises in our quest 
for maximum quality. That’s why we continually monitor the performance, 
taste and production of our coffees.

Our facility is IFS certified with an exceptional 99,31% score card.
We have a wide portfolio of specialty blends but are also not afraid to invent new quality 
coffees tailored to your request.


Outstanding taste

One of the key aspects of coffee quality is taste. We continually work to offer the most constant flavour-profile and coffee experience as this is our guarantee to our customers. This means we constantly invest in the taste-training of our people.

All our employees are coffee tasters in their own respective level. 


Refreshing & innovative

Whether it’s a premium roasted espresso lungo, a flavoured decaf coffee, or an ecological and ethical option, 
you can trust us to apply the highest standards in sourcing, development and production.

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Tangerine Orange
Arctic Blue
Honey Gold
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