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Enter the coffee capsule business the best way possible.

Belmoca is firmly established as one of the global leaders in aluminium Nespresso* compatible capsule solutions with a consistent eye on market trends and vision towards the future.

Belmoca offers three solutions to suit your needs:

  • Belmio: our exciting brand, coffee with a twist
  • Private label services for roasters, coffee brands & retailers
  • Our Empty capsules and packaging solution for new or established packers
Belmio Flavoured (Caramel)


Inspired by our love for quality espresso coffee, we launched in 2016 our own brand Belmio.

Every Belmio capsule is bursting with the rich taste & aromas of freshly ground coffee, all sealed into an aluminium capsule that protects and preserves the full coffee sensation, from bean to cup.

Explore the Belmio website and select your favourite coffee from our Classic Blends, our Flavoured Collection or our organic Single Origin Collection.

Private label solutions

We take pride in developing and producing your brand to the highest standards. From capsule technology, coffee selection and roasting, coffee grinding, packaging and production.

Private label solutions

Empty capsule solution

Belmoca continuously challenges the coffee capsule industry by developing new capsule concepts & innovations.

Innovation in quality



At Belmoca, we strive for excellence in coffee and for this reason our aluminium capsules perform to the highest standards.



Located near Antwerp, Europe’s largest port for coffee, Belmoca takes particular pride in sourcing the best possible beans.

Belmoca Flyingcups

Excited to create your coffee capsule story?

Our team of dedicated coffee enthusiasts can’t wait to boost your coffee story! We are happy to put you in touch with the right team member.