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We take pride in developing and producing your brand to the highest standards.

Belmoca offers customized private label solutions. From capsule technology, coffee selection and roasting, coffee grinding, packaging and production.

With flexibility, efficiency and attention to detail Belmoca offers value-add services enabling our partners to succeed at the highest level in the Nespresso* compatible coffee capsule category.

Explore our unique capsule colors

Belmoca Honey Gold capsule
Belmoca Arctic Blue capsule
Belmoca Apricot Orange capsule
Belmoca Sage Green capsule
Belmoca Quartz Brown capsule
Belmoca capsule Rose Pink
Belmoca capsule Yellow Gold
Belmoca capsule Magenta Pink
Belmoca capsule Bronze
Belmoca capsule Onyx Black
Belmoca capsule Emerald Green

Customized aluminium Nespresso* compatible capsules in YOUR brand

We can offer you:

  • Market research & concept development
  • Matching coffees to target audience
  • Pricing | packaging | position assessment
  • Efficient supply-chain management
  • Quality assurance & compliance
  • Unique opportunity & tailor-made solutions
Belmoca Flyingcups

Excited to create your coffee capsule story?

Our team of dedicated coffee enthusiasts can’t wait to boost your coffee story! We are happy to put you in touch with the right team member.