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Empty capsules

Developed by our in-house engineering team, our aluminium capsules perform to the highest standards, locking in freshness while delivering optimal compatibility with Nespresso* machines for maximum coffee extraction.

Belmoca continuously challenges the coffee capsule industry by developing new capsule concepts & innovations. It is now available for packing partners enabling you to succeed in the coffee capsule category, without having to go through endless complex technological engineering and the investments associated with it.

Explore our unique capsule colors

Honey gold capsule Belmoca
Arctic blue capsule Belmoca
Apricot orange capsule Belmoca
Magenta pink capsule Belmoca
Bronze capsule Belmoca
Onyx Black capsule Belmoca
Yellow gold capsule Belmoca
Copper capsule Belmoca
Sage green capsule Belmoca
Rose pink capsule Belmoca
Quartz Brown capsule Belmoca
Emerald Green capsule Belmoca

Fact sheet

  • Inventor & creator of the 1st Nespresso* aluminium compatible capsule on the market
  • Proprietary technology
  • Expert technical support & in-house engineering

Product innovation

  • Aluminium capsule for optimum protection against oxygen
  • Best way to preserve coffee taste & aromas
  • 100% recyclable capsule without silicone
  • 24 month guaranteed freshness
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