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Since 2012 Belmoca’s uncompromising love for fresh quality coffee has led us to tirelessly innovate the Nespresso* compatible aluminium capsule technology and packing solutions in order to deliver excellence in espresso coffee at the highest level.

Proudly Belgian, Belmoca is now active in over 80 countries. We have brought together the most talented coffee roasters, blenders, technicians and production staff in a dedicated and creative team focused on the end consumer’s coffee experience.

10 Years experience

80 Countries


What we do

Belmoca is now firmly established as a global leader in aluminium Nespresso* compatible capsule solutions with a consistent eye on market trends and vision toward the future.

Belmoca offers three solutions to suit your needs:

  • Belmio: our exciting brand, coffee with a twist
  • Private label services for roasters, coffee brands & retailers
  • Our Empty capsules and packaging solution for new or established packers
Innovation in quality


in quality

Belmoca is committed to continuous quality improvement both through our R&D lab and our dedicated Quality department. At Belmoca, we strive for excellence in coffee and for this reason our aluminium capsules perform to the highest standards. We have been granted IFS food certification and adhere to the standards required of a world class facility.

Our customers rely on us for quality, consistency and accountability.

Located near Antwerp, Europe’s largest port for coffee, Belmoca takes particular pride in sourcing the best possible beans.

After carefully roasting to accentuate the ideal characteristics, our beans are transported and stored in purpose-built oxygen-free degassing chambers allowing the roasted beans to mature whilst preserving coffee freshness. We offer a carefully selected range of coffees from Bio Organic, Fair Trade, Rain Forest Alliance, decaffeinated premium coffees.
Belmoca’s master blenders have sourced specialized natural flavours and blended with hand roasted coffee, expertly sealed for freshness to deliver an exciting, flavoured coffee range that will take you on a world tour of taste. Along with our toasted hazelnut, caramel, dark chocolate, vanilla and cardamom we have also developed many other specialty, holiday and limited edition flavoured coffees.

Our coffee

A world of flavor



With sustainability in mind, Belmoca is clearly on the path to the future.
Our commitment to sustainable coffee sourcing is evident in the certified Fair Trade and Rain Forest Alliance coffees we offer and the dedication to the environment we exhibit.
We have pioneered sustainability in our capsule technology with our unique silicone-free aluminium capsule. Instead of using silicone we have developed an aluminium ridge that seals the capsule in the Nespresso* machines to ensure the desired extraction.
Once the coffee capsules are brewed, they can be recycled. Aluminium is infinitely recyclable.
Belmoca continues to innovate all aspects of sustainability from bean to cup.
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